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        Contact us

        Tel: 0086-(0)311-80732660

        E-mail: jzhu@junzhucorp.com


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          Shijiazhuang Junzhu Technology Co., LTDis a professional trading corporation which has self-operation Export and Import Right. With good reputation and responsible manner, we have established long-term friendly relations with companies from USA, Germany, Japan, and Southeast Asia. provide machining parts, hardware, auto parts, knitted clothes to all over the world. Completed inspection and quality assurance system ensures qualified and reliable products.We could provide products according to you drawing and sample with our professional team and good equipment.We will continuously improve business and technology innovation ability, improve production process for supervision and optimization. ...
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        stamping box case
        CNC parts
        tie rod end
        Fender for truck
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        shorts 全棉短褲021-0016
        Jacket 夾克012-0025
        Suit pants 西褲012-0030
        Ski suit 滑雪服012-0008
        Shijiazhuang Junzhu Technology Co., LTD Tell: 0086-(0)311-80732660 Fax: 0086-(0)311-67662070 Email: jzhu@junzhucorp.com xbo@junzhucorp.com
        Address:Room 119,NO.42,Xisanzhuang Street,Xinhua Drstrict,shijiazhuang City,Hebei,China

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